iPhone 5s continuously restarts after battery replacement.


iPhone 5s. Replaced battery and now phone randomly restarts every 5 min or so. Plugged in or disconnected doesn't matter. Bumping it or leaving it alone sitting on table doesn't matter.

I put the old battery back in and it "works". Same marginal capacity but at least it doesn't continuously restart. Defective battery?

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    January 29, 2016 at 9:52 pm

    UPDATE: After researching problem inline, I decided to try the replacement battery again.
    After 3 full to empty recharge/discharge cycles, the phone doesn’t continuously reboot but it does randomly reboot whenever it decides to. Sometimes after less than one minute, sometimes after 20 min.
    It also now freezes during use, sometimes after 1 min use, sometimes after 5 min. When it does freeze, the only way out of the frozen mode is a hard reboot. It doesn’t matter what app I am using when it freezes. It has happened on many different ones. I gave it another charge/discharge cycle with no change in behavior.
    In frustration, I put the original battery back in yet again and everything works fine, just like before. No random reboots or freezes but still with the reduced battery life.
    I would just like a battery that works.

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